Before Tenancy:

• Proof of identification  
   - Birth certificate
   - License/ passport or Visa*
   - *Visa must be supplied of you are not an Australian Resident

• Proof of Income  
   -  Pay Slips
   - Centrelink statement
   - Bank Statement
   - Tax Return

Additional information that will you need:

• Copies of  
   - Water Bills
   - Gas Bills
   - Electricity Bills
   - Phone Bills
   - Council rates notice if you own property
   - Written references


• Have your application filled out completely, don’t leave any blanks
• Put a covering letter on the application telling the landlord about yourself and why you want the house
• Include a reference from a previous agent and a letter from your employer on a company letterhead stating the position you hold


• Appear arrogant
• Park in the driveway, people may still live in the house
• Arrive minutes before the open for inspection is about to finish
• Leave blanks in your application
• Hand the application in two days later
• Write illegibly or include too many spelling mistakes
• Let your children run wild or be destructive
• Lie on your application form because agents check everything

We only contact the succesful applicants.

Applications are generally processed within 48 hours.

During Tenancy:

• Ensure condition report is completed & returned within 3 business days
• Make sure rent is paid on time
• Report any maintenance issues in writing
• Ensure gardens are maintained
• Ensure the property is clean & tidy at routine inspections
click here to view routine inspection checklist
• before vacating ensure property is clean, tidy, undamaged & carpets steam cleaned in order to receive your bond back
click here for view final inspection checklist